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Центральная система управления автомобильными дорогами

The highway central control system is an important part of the highway traffic electro-mechanical system. Its main function is to use the relevant theories of modern traffic flow observation, guidance and control, and use the latest in computer technology, closed-circuit television monitoring technology, and information multimedia technology. Achievements of scientific and technological development, comprehensive observation of highway traffic operation conditions, vehicle driving conditions and road environmental conditions, and effective guidance and control of the driving routes and driving modes of vehicles along the way.

At present, Chainzone Technology has developed NTCIP protocol, MODBUS protocol, UTMC protocol, TLS protocol, etc. Using these communication protocols, Chainzone Technology's VMS can successfully connect to traffic control centers in various countries. The traffic control center can monitor all conditions on the road, including traffic jams, traffic accidents, weather conditions, road conditions, etc. At the same time, the traffic control center can issue timely notifications based on road conditions and make traffic diversion.

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